Criticas de Arte

Angélica Basavilbaso, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She  participated in several exibitions in different countries.

In a pantheistic celebration of nature, the artist shows a selection of oil on canvas, and water colours, that represent some handscapes, with plastic sensibility.

With a proper compositive sense and a nearly impressionist vision of light, she creates a magic enviroment, where through her particular point of view, the objects from reality, get a new poetic signification.

Trees that open a silent circuit, cromatic fringes, that end in horizon, coloristic intensity that respects the shadow, with harmony  of lights and shades, are the principal characteristic of  Angélica Basavilbaso,...

                                                           Diana Castelar – Columnist for Clarin news-Paper

The artist´s works, are included in various collections in Argentina, Perú, The United States, the Island of Fiji, Sweden , Spain , France and Italy. 

Painting is a medium to freely express the experiences and feelings of the soul.

God´s  voice is heard in the depths of our silence. We can enjoy the perfection of His creation
when we are in contact with Nature, and when we connect with it, we feel the indescribable presence of its Creator. The vastness of the sea, the trees, the birds, the flowers,... all speak to
us of Him and are a gift from heaven, that we receive each day.  The secret , is , learning to appreciate it end enjoy it.  as the key to life is “Love” and, above all, the love that triumphs over pain.

                                                                                                     Angélica  Basavilbaso